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I Thank God First, then secondly, for the phenomenal leadership of our past Chapter President Carolyn Jones, 18th Past National President Lillian F. Parker, 18th Past Regional Director Linda Cannon, and presently, the 20th Southwestern Regional Director Rosetta Davis. I stand humbly on their shoulders to carry out the aims and ideals of the Alpha Kappa Chapter. Additionally, I want to thank my amazing Sorors for their vote of confidence electing me as their Chapter President.

On August 28, 2021 Alpha Kappa Chapter held its Presidents' Workshop "Making the Members Connections." As we progress through this wildly abnormal pandemic year under the leadership of Alpha Kappa Chapter's Executive Committee, we are "Elevating by Leveling Up, Expanding the Sisterhood, Leadership and Service.


Connie Anglin

President's Workshop




Chapter Officers



Connie Anglin


Seandra Naborne

Recording Secretary

Ethel Bell Ed.D.

Corresponding Secretary

Linda Taylor

Financial Secretary

Marion Godine, Ed.D.


Sharon DeRouesselle


Shondra Taylor


Dean of Intake

Carolyn Jones


Planning for the upcoming sorority year takes many hours of contacting individuals who will be able to assist in setting venues, providing services relevant to the sorority year, setting committee chairs, creating excitement, increasing membership and just establishing plans for all the National programs and projects of Iota. This requires the entire chapter to provide input, thus the President’s Workshop was held Saturday August 31, 2019.

Soror Jones and her Executive Committee set the tone for 2019-2020 and “The Charge” by past Outstanding Business Entrepreneur Chef Tarsha. 

Moving on Up!!!