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American Education Week Program
Saturday, November 19, 2016

Phase I:

Youth Finances & Essay Contest

“The Importance of Investment” presented by FelMar Ministry of Prime America. 

Essay Contest

The Evelyn D. Wilkey contest is a component of American Education Week. NEA designated theme: “Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and our Responsibility.” Iota’s sub-theme: “What Role Does Social Media Have in Today’s Educational System?”  

Phase II: Educators

Cedric Starks – Asst. Principal @ SECHS, Dr. Iris Lancaster – founder of -----, Dr. Carla Garrett - … and our Legacy Educator, Mr. John Calhoun

Phase III: Community Outreach

Reaching out to make a difference…our outreach activity during this month included:

  1. two $75 gift cards awarded to a grandmother of four and a mother of three

  2. a fully filled basket with a 10 lb. turkey with all the trimmings

  3. two 10-14 lb. turkeys donated to Fonwood Elementary School

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