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On Saturday, September 10, 2016 the Southwestern Region held the chartering of Epsilon Chi from Katy, Texas before the commencing of the leadership/planning meeting in San Antonio, Texas under the leadership of our Southwestern Regional Director, Soror Linda Cannon and host chapter Gamma Phi.

Our 22nd National President, Soror Stephanie Dilworth Central Region~ Gamma Tau Chapter graced our presence with her attendance as SWR Director, Soror Linda Cannon proceeded with the second charter of 2016 for the region.

Following the charter, the leadership/planning meeting provided a mini-workshop by Soror Wilma Dunn, Gamma Phi and the PROC’s visible, recognized, and charged to be utilized within the region for their expertise and valuable knowledge.

The planning meeting was a product of preparation, leadership, group participation, open communication, time management and an understanding of what the meeting was to accomplish for the upcoming 70th SWR Conference March 24-26, 2017.

SWR Planning Session

SWR Officers


Rosetta Davis                    SWR Director

Wendy Jacques               Asst. SWR Director

Robin Mack          Recording/Financial Secretary

LeTitia Speed                       Treasurer

Dr. Valencia Dutton Hall          Journalist

Regional Theme:

"Empowered Women: Together We Achieve the Extraordinary" 

Rosetta Davis - SWR Director

                       Alpha Kappa Chapter

                       Houston, TX

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